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Multidisciplinary research using charged particle beams

Computational Methods

In the area of strong and ultra-strong laser-solid interactions Dr. Mihai Oane has produced a number of about 30 ISI articles, in which we made few breakthroughs in the following regards:


The consideration of laser and/or target anisotropies;

The consideration  of laser high surface absorption;

The consideration of multi-photons processes;

 The consideration of multiple lasers irradiations of the target;

The consideration of nonlinear effects in laser-solid interaction;

The consideration of relativistic and quantum electrodynamics effects;

The development of new kinds of “Two Temperature Models”, for laser-metal interaction;

Models which consider plasma formation.













Research Areas

Fig.1 The simulated thermal field for

CO2 laser – ZnSe interaction.

Fig.2  The simulated thermal field for strong

laser – Au interaction.